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Mercenary Battlegroup Blog

H'ok. I am terribly slow at painting, and as of late, I have not had any real incentive to get my ass in gear and paint up an army. Part of the problem is the sheer immensity of my Menite and Cryx armies. Each of them has many, many infantry models which need painting. Some of the sculpts are uninspiring, such as the flameguard and the zealots... others are a pain in the ass to paint right, like thralls, due to my overly time consuming method of painting thrall flesh. Still others, like my Everblight figures, I have absolutely no idea how to tackle.

This is where the mercenary force comes in. There are "fewer" models to paint, and all of them have are interesting. So here's the plan:

Army List

Mercenary - Highborn Covenant

67 Ashlynn D'Elyse
82 Nomad - Heavy Warjack
82 Nomad - Heavy Warjack
76 Steelhead Halberdiers (Minimum +2)
39 Ogrun Bokur
39 Ogrun Bokur
29 Eyriss
28 Gorman DiWulfe
53 Alexia Ciannor

I'm a little torn whether I should drop one of the Nomads for the Piper of Ord and a Talon. I really wanted to take a Vanguard, but I can't justify the difference in points. The Nomad is a mere 6 points more for the extra flexibility of an open hand and natural POW18 hits. There's two schools of thought here - Rupert will give the Steelheads some credible threat, although, they will be the only thing in the army that Rupert can buff. I can probably hold off on his ugly ugly ass until 750. On the other hand, two Nomads are a kind of threat, albiet a bit fragile, that nobody can really ignore too much... Only time will tell.

Of course, nothing will get done without a punishing schedule.


March 12/07 - Eyriss and Gorman DiWulfe Completed
March 19/07 - Ashlynn D'Elyse and Ogryn Bokur 1 Completed
March 27/07 - Nomad(s) Complete
April 3/07 - Steelheads Complete
April 10/07 - Alexia and Bokur II Complete
April 17/07 - Risen Complete (Haha, we'll see about this one.)

March 8, 07

No painting today. I totally pissed away all my time. I think I shall paint spirals on Eyriss' cloak instead of the scale pattern I was planning. Hopefully Gorman will go quickly. We shall see how far I get on Sunday... which shall be the first day I can really get my hooks into painting, since Friday shall be league points day and Saturday will be a Steamroller day.

Converted Ashlyn's head

Here is a picture taken in lousy lighting of my Ashlyn conversion to give her the apperance of a normal sized head. We'll see how it turns out once I slap some paint on her.