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[FAQ] version 1.0

[This] faq was created to answer some commonly asked questions about this site.

  1. [Why] don't you update?

    I don't update simply because I do not have the time to update. I am a co-op student in college, studying engineering. I alternate between 4 month academic terms and 4 month work terms. As a result, during academic terms, I do not have the time to produce new material.

  2. [Why] don't you add more tutorials for... clothing, guns, multi legged mecha, bodies, facial expressions, hands, feet, advanced eyes... *insert wish list here*

    See #1

  3. [Why] do you use [] in your HTML? I think it's stupid...

    Um... okay...

  4. [Do] you respond to emails?

    I try to respond to most emails, and I occaisonally check the dreambook also... (although not much goes on there for some reason...).

[Well] that's all for now.

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