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[d r a w i n g]   eyes and hair

eye tutorial [under construction]

real eye[Eyes] can really make a character. They come in a variety of shapes. Generally, smaller eyes, for males, larger ones for females, still larger for kids. The larger the eyes, the smaller the rest of the face, the cuter the character. Styles vary from having lashes, to the unilash, popullarised by CLAMP. ( Now used by everyone ) Often, the eyes will have additional shading.

[Small] shifty eyes normally denotes a villanous character, although some artists make extensive use of this type of eye. Satoshi Shiki, uses the slanted slitted eye for most of his male characters. Katsuhiro Otomo, on the other hand uses a much more realistic style with more normal shaped eyes. Many artists use a variety of eyes, there is an eye for every character type.

hair example, featuring Melissa from Abaddon

[One] of the great "eternal questions" how to draw hair. Heh, now for a bit of biology, or rather physiology. Most people have one crown at the top of their heads where hair grows: It is from this that they gain their part. Thus, if you are drawing hair, nominate a point for the hair to begin, and draw outwards, extending along the part until the head is covered. Now for a lot of anime characters, just drawing a random shape at the top of their heads is sufficient though ^_^;;;

Step 1

[Start] with your standard head. The arrow indicates where the hair begins. You will notice that I have nominated the center guide line to be the part.

step 1

Step 2

[Sketch] in the hair starting from the part. Let it fall naturally over the curve of her scalp.

step 2

Step 3

[Now], all that's left is to add the other side, and some bangs maybe, or a ponytail, or braids, or dreadlocks, or whatever. ^_^;;;

step 3

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