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[ November 29 2001 ] - Well. Its exam time again. Its come to my attention that in their ever evolving anal retentive way, Tripod has now forbidden the direct linking of directories... This deal keeps getting worse and worse... The resason I did the linking was so that I didn't have to make thumbnails, link-lists. Do you know how much of a pain those things are to maintain? Anyhow, the current outlook on this site is bleak, due to a couple of reasons. #1. My scanner doesn't work anymore. Hasn't worked for a while. Unfortunately, I don't have time to replace it any time before Christmas. Hope to have some more stuff up then.

[ May 28 2001 ] - AN aftermath. Sailor Eclipse, 500 pound Felecia, Geriatric Speedo-Man and Cancer Cheeks Seifer. Still, all in all, it was still worth it despite the nast that the con kept assaulting the senses with. New pictures in the gallery.

[ May 15 2001 ] - Passed 40 000 hits. Cool. I'd like to extend heartfelt thanks to all the people who have tirelessly supported this site. Switching from school mode to work mode every four months sucks and I don't have time to draw like I used to. I don't have "the talent comic online". I'll be appearing at Anime North in Toronto, for all its worth. I bet it'll be a pathetically run travesty. Some people never learn.

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